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Pickles the Osprey, by Connie Dennis

Pickles the Osprey, by Connie Dennis

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Come meet a sweet Osprey on his journey in Nova Scotia!

Did you know that the Osprey is the provincial bird of Nova Scotia? Let’s go on an adventure with Pickles the Osprey, and learn more about this amazing creature!

Written by Connie Dennis

Photographs by Don Dennis

Illustrations by Greg David

About the Author
Connie and Don live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, very close to an osprey nest. They became very involved in learning about their habits and lifestyle. They are amazing birds to watch! They have always been wildlife advocates. Connie and Don lived for many years in Panama, where we developed a newfound love for the many birds and animals that inhabited the area.


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Customer Reviews

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Basil Oickle
You need to buy this amazing book to learn all about our Ospreys.

Hi Connie, congratulations on your book!

Immediately when I started reading the story, it took my imagination that little Pickles was actually talking. You nailed it! Awesome! It kept me engage throughout the whole book. Learning details about the Osprey are very clear to understand and quite frankly some things surprised me, for example how long they can live. It surprised me for such a strong, hearty bird that they needed to fly south for the winter, but now that I understand that they only eat fish, of course it explained it all. I also wondered if Pickles liked the goldfish. lol
I wondered what happened that they became nearly extinct in this area… I guess I will need to Google that.

It made me wonder at times why Pickles was the only one hatched, so with the dialogue in the back of the book, it was perfectly explained and what can and could happen to the Osprey. Pickles has four equal toes, but I struggle to see all of them. 🤔

The ending of this wonderful story left me with a feeling of being warm and happy for Pickles. I mean after all he’s in Mexico. 😉 It leaves plenty of room for the imagination about Pickles and his family and also his adventures can be endless.

Now remember for me with ADHD, when I read the fun facts, I sometimes lose concentration and would need to go back and slightly read that same page. But just slightly, not like most books where I need to read the whole page sometimes a couple times. So I think that this book will be great for kids who have ADHD possibly.

Little Pickles in his cartoon character image for lack of a better terms is priceless! Well done! How did you come up with the name Pickles, was it because of his size?

Can’t wait to read this gem to my 4-1/2 year old granddaughter.

Little Pickles 🤣🤣 love it.

Jennifer Tu
Pickles the Osprey

What a sweet book! It captured our whole families attention that we couldn't put it down. And it was meant for our 9 year old. It is educational and funny too.

Brenda F
Wonderful fun filled book!!!

I received my pickles book what an amazing book of facts pictures and illustrations I read it all really enjoyed it passing it on to a nephew should be in every school and featured on ctv remarkable job Don and Connie

Fantastic read for all children 💕

Just got finished reading Pickles the Ospreys new book....amazing and outstanding,beautifully written,and the photography,and artistic illustrations are just beautiful.Children in my opinion will certainly enjoy Pickles story as well as learning about these beautiful birds.The expression on some of the pics of Pickles certainly had me chuckling,and his talking about how handsome he is....well that is our
Thank you Everyone involved in creating such a wonderful story....I loved it...but why not...I am a big kid at heart and always
enjoy a great story!❤️

A must buy for children!!

I received your wonderful book today😊
So well written with amazing pictures and illustrations!
I am sure that my students will enjoy it too!