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Just as We are One, by Daniel W. Rolfe

Just as We are One, by Daniel W. Rolfe

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How can the Church fulfill its mandate to be one, even as the Father and the Son are one? The key is in what we all share in the unity of the Spirit.

The society around us is becoming more and more diverse. Getting to know people in a meaningful way requires us to identify our own cultural biases and strive to understand theirs. Our unity as Christians in our local assemblies is being challenged in cultural ways now more than ever before. But unity is still our mandate from the Lord.

This book provides tools to help us understand our brothers and sisters who are from different cultural backgrounds. Daniel presents a framework for how we can all come into alignment with the culture of heaven, finding unity in the Spirit. The challenge for all of us is to give up our unhealthy biases and nurture those that agree with the teachings of Christ. Only then can we be one- just as the Father and Son are one.


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